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Footprint Insoles make products that change people's lives.

If you have ankle, knee, hip and back problems, it's most likely all stemming from your arch. Think of your body as a machine. Your cartilage is like bushings. Too much weight is put on the arch, either from being overweight or constant and repetitive jumping/impact, next the achilleas tendon/ankle goes crooked upon the impact which throws off the knee to one side which then goes to the lower back and so on. The arch is the first place where the breakdown begins. Custom orthotics stop the breakdown of the machine at the source.

Not only is it painful to have your joints not functioning properly, your "bushings" (cartilage) get blown out and wear away unevenly or twice as fast on one side than the other.

This is why most skateboarders are already walking around like old men by 30. We aim to change that.

On the other hand, there are some who have excessively high arches who do not need custom orthotics. About 1 out of 10 people are "supinators" who's arch is too high and does not flex at all and they are the ones who are prone to breaking the ankle. A custom orthotic will not correct anything here. Supinators tend to be pigeon-toed. The best bet for these people is an impact reducing insole which is exactly what our kingfoam insole do. They absorb maximum impact which helps take the load off the ankle for the supinator.

At the end of the day, our arches are not all created equally. This is why there are those few guys with perfect arches who can jump down insane things and continue on like nothing while most others would be in agony. Skill is a lot of course but on the other hand, there is the function and ability of the body to handle the impact in the first place. Custom orthotics can help level the playing field.