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Cruiser Wheels

Looking for a wheel that'll roll smooth, maybe you're looking for a perfect wheel for commuting or distance pushing, maybe you're looking for a wheel that'll grip when your bombing hills or a wheel for a big stand up slide freeriding. Boardstore stocks a large range of Longboard wheels for Downhill, Freeriding, Cruising, Freestyle, Commuting and Sliding. Drop in to one of our three Sunshine Coast locations in Noosa, Caloundra or Maroochydore for expert advice from our team.

One of the latest additions to our line of downhill skateboarding products is Powell Peralta's specially formulated Soft Slide Formula downhill skateboarding wheels. The Powell Peralta Snakes being the leader of this lineup providing an incredible consistent slide across all pavements - a powerful tool for any freeride longboarder or downhill skateboarder. For those looking for a bit more stopping power, we can't go past recommending Blood Orange Morgans – Blood Orange's line up of longboard wheels offers immense diversity across it's Morgan Pro series, offering multiple sizes, wheel durometers and wheel colours so you can find. With such a wide and growing range of Longboard wheels we are sure to have what you need to be rolling fast and sliding far.  Need some extra advice, click here to check out our helpful guide on choosing longboard wheels