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Skateboard Decks - Top Skateboard Designs

Buy premium skate decks Australia - top quality, best skateboard designs, durable & stylish. With over +250 high-performance skateboard decks to choose from, you're sure to find the one to fit your style – Boardstore Skate Shop's stocks the Sunshine Coast's largest variety of skateboard decks. We stock most of your favourite brands including Almost, Flip, Enjoi, Girl, Santa Cruz, Toy Machine, Anti Hero and many more. Check out our range of deck sizes from 7.5 Inch Decks all the way up to 7.5 Inch Decks, in all sorts of shapes and different colours inspired from both old school and new school skating. Boardstore is Australian owned and operated bringing the best range of skateboards Australia wide.

Choosing Your Ideal Skateboard Deck

The art of selecting the right deck involves balancing quality, style, and functionality according to your unique skating style. Remember, the right deck can make a world of difference in your skating experience. Here are some options to consider:

Best for Street Performance: Park/Street Skateboard Decks, Deck Width: 7-9 inches

Best for Cruising Comfort: Cruiser Decks, Deck Width from 8.5 inches

Best for Wave Enthusiasts: High-Performance Shortboards

Best for Tricks and Flips: Double Kick Decks

Best for Retro Style, ideal for bowl and ramp riding: Old School Decks

Best for Custom Shaping, allowing for skating in both directions: Shaped Decks.

Each of these best skate decks offers a unique appeal, tailored to varying styles, preferences, and skill levels. Whether you aim to perform advanced tricks, cruise around town, or sport a retro look, there’s a suitable deck for you in different colours.

Choosing Skate Decks - Essentials

Selecting your ideal deck of the skateboard is more than choosing a cool design. The width and length of the deck can impact your ride, with wider decks offering stability and narrower ones offering agility and responsiveness. The key lies in finding a perfect balance that complements your skating style.

Need an Expert Advice on Our Skateboard Decks?

At Boardstore you'll find knowledgeable skate experts. From the variety of best decks, we will help you to choose your perfect one. Check out our vast range of high-quality skateboards and skateboard decks online, or come instore for expert advice at our QLD Skateboard Store.

Shop with BoardStore online and enjoy free shipping Australia wide on orders over $100 (conditions apply).