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Skateboards: Shop online at Boardstore

Skateboards are what we do best! With over 50 years of experience in the skateboard industry across Boardstore Skateshop's Staff, we stock only the highest quality skateboards based on performance and quality. Shop the best brands, including Globe, Antihero, Krooked, Black Label, Element, and more. Explore our range of skateboards online, including Completes and Decks, or upgrade your board with a new set of Trucks or Wheels and find the perfect set-up for yourself.

Best Skateboards Australia | Shop online at Boardstore

Welcome to our online skateboard shop, where the thrill of the ride begins! At Boardstore, we offer a diverse range of top-quality skateboards and accessories for every skater, from beginners to skateboarding pros.

Expert Guidance for Every Skater

Choosing the right skateboard can be overwhelming for skateboarders, especially for beginners. No worries – we're here to guide you. Here is a short guide on what we offer.

Skateboards: Double Kick Skateboards

Double kicks are skateboards with two kicks at either end. They are wider and longer than regular skateboards. They're stable, stick to your feet well, and have smaller wheels and low trucks, allowing you to perform a range of flip tricks. Skaters who like ramps and bowls usually use these boards.

Double kicks suit best for technical tricks at a skatepark or street skateboarding. They are perfect for all ages, making them an excellent all-purpose skateboard. Check out our collection of double-kick skateboards.

Old School & Shaped Skateboards

Love retro and cool shapes? We've got a collection of top brands like Santa Cruz, Dogtown, Arbor, Eternal and others, providing you with the best old school and shaped skateboards. Shaped skateboards are a hybrid form of modern skateboards and old school decks. They are great for transition skating but also allow skating the streets while still doing tricks. They're perfect if you are looking for a short, stable and stylish design board. Find our selection of great old school and shaped skateboards.


A Surfskate is longer than a traditional skateboard but shorter than a longboard. Surf skateboards mimic the carving and pumping motions you'd make on a surfboard. The front tucks allow a wider range of movement, so you can make tight, sharp turns. Just like on a wave. Check out our range of surfing skateboards here.

Kids Skateboard

Apart from the smaller size, the shorter wheelbase and softer truck bushings make these boards much easier to turn for kids. Similar to longboards, they are designed for cruising and have soft wheels for easy riding. They also have a shape that makes for a smooth and comfortable ride. Explore Kids Skateboards at Boardstore.

Perfect Fit for Your Feet

Choosing the right size skateboard deck is crucial for comfort and control. Whether you're a pro or a newbie, our selection includes boards between 7.2 and 10+ inches wide, catering to a range of preferences and foot sizes.

Discover the thrill of finding the perfect skateboard. With our commitment to quality, best prices, and expert guidance, we make sure that your skateboarding experience is exciting!

Don't forget to check our complete skateboards or individual parts on sale! Buy online at Boardstore or visit one of our store locations on the Sunshine Coast.