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Surf the streets with the latest Surfskate technology. With a redesign of the trucks, the surfskate board can turn 360 degrees and allows full free motion of the front of the board, just like a surfboard!

The unique design of the surf skateboard allows you to pump the board for speed and execute carving turns and cutbacks, just like you would if you were surfing.

We stock a range of Surf Skate brands from Carver, SwelltechNANA SkateboardsPennyGlobe and more! Shop our range today.

Boardstore: The Ultimate Guide to Your Perfect Surf Skateboard

A surf skateboard is a type of skateboard designed to mimic the feeling of surfing. It features a wider deck and higher trucks to provide stability and control while carving and performing surf-inspired maneuvers. The turning radius of a surf skateboard is typically much tighter than that of a traditional skateboard, allowing for quick and sharp turns similar to those made on a surfboard. The unique RKP (Reverse King Pin) front truck geometry and extra tall bushings enable surf skates to perform tight turns and cutbacks, closely replicating the movements of surfing. Brands like Hamboards, Swelltech, Carver Skateboards and others offer surf skateboards with unique designs and features. If you are looking to bring the feeling of surfing on a skateboard, a surf skate is a versatile and exciting option.

The Art of Surfing on Land

Surf skating isn't just about cruising; it's about carving and executing turns as you would on a surfboard. Transitioning from sea to street can be seamless for surfers, but anyone can learn with practice. It's all about balance, body movement, and feeling the flow of the pavement beneath you.

Choosing the Right Surf Skateboard

When it comes to picking a surf skateboard, several factors come into play: deck size, wheelbase, and the type of truck. Let's explore the main key features of skate surfboards, which set them apart from traditional skateboards.

Specialised Truck Systems

Surfskate boards utilise unique truck systems, such as the RKP (Reverse King Pin) front truck geometry. This allows for tighter turns and sharp cutbacks, mimicking the movements of surfing.

Wider and More Stable Decks

Surf skateboards typically have wider decks compared to traditional skateboards. This provides more stability and control while carving and performing surf-inspired maneuvers. Generally, opting for a wider board provides improvement in balance. A wider board offers a larger surface area for the rider's feet, allowing for better stability. With more width, the board can provide a solid base for landing tricks and maintaining balance during high-speed movements.

In addition to stability, a wider board also offers better control and comfort for the rider. The increased width allows for more responsive movements and better weight distribution, ultimately enhancing overall control.

Special Trucks

The trucks on a surf skateboard are set higher than those on a traditional skateboard. This elevated height helps to mimic the feeling of riding a wave by allowing for greater maneuverability and fluidity.

Tighter Turning Radius

The turning radius of a surf skateboard is much tighter than that of a traditional skateboard, enabling quick and sharp turns similar to those made on a surfboard.

Extra Tall Bushings

Surf skateboards often come equipped with extra tall bushings, which contribute to their ability to perform tight turns and cutbacks. These bushings provide flexibility and responsiveness when carving.

Carving Ability

Surf skateboards are designed to allow riders to pump the board for speed and execute carving turns, just like they would while surfing. This makes them ideal for practicing surfing techniques on land.

When choosing a surf skateboard, it's important to consider these key features to find the right board that suits your skill level, riding style, and preferences. Whether you're an experienced surfer looking to practice your skills or a beginner seeking an exciting new way to ride the streets, surf skateboarding provides an exhilarating experience that closely replicates the feeling of catching waves on a surfboard.

Benefits of Surfing Skateboarding

Surf skateboarding is a popular activity that combines the fluidity and style of surfing with the thrill and agility of skateboarding. This unique sport has gained a devoted following and is known for its numerous benefits. From improving balance and coordination to providing a full-body workout, surf skateboarding offers a range of health benefits for participants of all ages. In addition, it also serves as a great cross-training activity for surfers and can help you improve your surfing skills. Whether it's for fitness, fun, or skill enhancement, surf skateboarding has something to offer for everyone.

Surf&Skate with Boardstore

Discover the perfect board that suits your style at Boardstore. We offer a wide selection of skate surfboards for all levels, from beginners to advanced riders.

Whether you want to improve your surfing skills or just have some fun, surf skateboarding is a fantastic option. To choose a perfect board, consider your skill level.

How to Choose the Right Surf Skate

To get the right surf skate it's important to consider your skill level, riding style, and the type of terrain you'll be skating on. Beginners may want to start with a longer and wider board for stability. For more advanced riders looking to perform technical tricks, a wider modern-shaped board may be the better option. These boards offer better control and maneuverability for executing complex maneuvers.

Think about whether you'll be riding on smooth pavement, rough asphalt, or even tackling hills and curves. The right surf skate for you will ultimately depend on your individual preferences and needs.

Once you've chosen the right board, it's time to hit the pavement. Still unsure, which board to choose? Contact us today or visit one of our stores on the Sunshine Coast. With our commitment to quality, best prices, and expert guidance, we make sure that your skateboarding experience is exciting!