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Skatebook 6: Logan Kincade Edition

Skatebook 6 is out featuring Heath Ledger as Skip Engblom on the cover and 33 pages of Logan Kincade aka Griffin Collins Photos, Frame Grabs & Polaroids. As usual it looks like an amazing collection of all things skateboarding.

skatebook6 is destine to be a classic, featuring a cover photograph of Heath Ledger from the movie Z Boys, people do not know that Heath was a skateboarder at heart and rode the pools on set while making the movie. This volume is dedicated to Login Kincade whom performed as Heath's stunt double for the movie and was a personal friend. Login is a highly respected artist and skateboarder and has a chapter in this book of his unique art comprised of layer'd photography. Remy Stratton who is one off the genius's behind the brand Volcom is also featured in this volume with a 30+ page chapter show casing his 20 plus years as a professional skateboarder. Scott Pommier a award winning photography supplies a chapter on Ryan Smith notable endorsed skater by DC Shoe Company and Mystery skateboard which takes a look photographically at a 10 year period of a epic career. The skatebook staff goes where no other publication has gone before with a look at a completely non corporate contest that was held just outside of Sacramento California in a barn just inches away from livestock, the 2nd annual ranch jam. 5Boro is a company based in New York City, skatebook goes indepth about with the creaters of this brand with a photo pictorial with writing about New York pride and existing a company that is far from the center of the industry in california. Patrick Ryan is 12 years old and is considered to be the next child prodigy in skateboarding, skatebook ask this youngster about what the future of skateboarding has in store, girls and cars. Chris Phanner is Spains great hope, Chris came from South Africa and escaped to Spain to avoid being killed. While in Spain he picked up a skateboard and discovered he had a talent that could take him around the world and aiding his family with money, he literally skated out of the ghetto, Chris's chapter is features a black and white pictorial that is simply epic. This summer hosted the second Maloof Money cup, in the vert contest a almost complete unkown named Alex Perelson became the second person in history to make a 900 and did so in competition, he is the next Tony Hawk and skatebook spent an afternoon with Alex at a vert ramp in San Diego taking text request from some of the greatest vert skaters of all time asking him to do the tricks the only dreamed of. Book6 is very epic.

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